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*I would like to acknowledge Mr Scott Bagley for his help in creating this website.

**I would like to acknowledge Mr Pat Galka for the use of many of his photographs which I have used to paint numerous paintings.


  1. Verity

    3 commissioned brusho paintings completed after seeing your work at the local art project and I couldn’t be happier with them. They have now completed my newly decorated front room. Thank you.. and I am sure I will be in touch soon for some more now we have finished the hall and landing!

    • Thank you Verity for what was a nice surprise when you contacted me about commissioning me to create three Brusho paintings. Art on the hill at Brill was a great success for me and the Brusho paintings stole the show yet again.
      Looking forward to hearing from you.

  2. Ruth Duffy

    Dear Mr Moore,
    My 10 year old son is currently obsessed with shrews! – We have just been up to Art on the Hill and he was delighted to purchase your ‘Summer Fruits’ picture, with some of his savings, to go on his bedroom wall. – We know it’s not a shrew (probably a field mouse?) but he is still very happy with it, and I have been ordered to put a hook on his wall for it immediately!
    I thought you might like to know that you’ve brought some pleasure to a small boy!
    Many thanks,
    Ruth Duffy.

    • Dear Ruth

      I am so pleased that your son chose to purchase one of my mice pictures, you can let him know that these are some of my favourite pictures too and i thoroughly enjoy painting them.

      Hopefully his picture may give him some inspiration to do some paintings of his own 🙂

      And yes your quite correct it is a field mouse and I hope you have done just as ordered and put a hook up on your son’s wall and the picture is now hanging nicely for him to look at.

      Many thanks for taking the time to leave me some feedback, very much appreciated.

      Kind regards

      • Ruth

        Picture is hung, boy is happy! – Of course you can use my words on your website. We do hope you had a good ‘Art on the Hill’. Best wishes,
        Ruth & Edward.

  3. October 2018 I received a beautiful portrait of a king fisher from Arthur to display in my home.
    I’d like to thank Arthur for his kindness and for the time he took to paint this wonderful and very colourful picture for me. I can tell that lots of hard work and plenty of hours have been put into creating this image.
    I look forward to seeing your future drawings on the website Arthur.
    Keep up the good work, Stephen

    • Thank you Stephen for your feedback on your new painting, it was a pleasure creating the Kingfisher painting (Kingfisher ready to strike) for you as I know how much you like this modern style and medium of painting.

  4. Mathew Evans

    Thank you Arthur for creating a beautiful painting of my son Adam Joshua Evans .

    • Thank you Mathew such a beautiful portrait photograph of Adam that it was a pleasure to create it in pastel and watercolour for you.

  5. Juve Viveiros

    Amazing paint
    top job…

    • Thank you Juve, it was a lovely thought by Silva to surprise you with the painting of Igor for your Christmas gift.

  6. aurelio silva

    That’s for the picture my friend looks 5 stars

    • Thank you Silva for your comment about the painting of Igor you commissioned me to paint for your cousins Christmas present. Hope he enjoys it.

  7. Imogen Jones

    Arthur I have just been taking a look through some of your amazing pictures, I do love the hedgehog picture that you have painted, you have captured their beautiful little faces perfectly.
    Look forward to seeing you progress further with this style of painting, they would enhance anyone’s home beautifully. Well done 🙂

    • Arthur

      Thank you Imogen for taking the time to browse my web site and leave a comment. I am always trying different styles of painting and the Hedgehog collection are enjoyable to create.
      At the moment I am painting a collection of detailed Mice paintings for a friend and they along with any new Hedgehog paintings will appear on my site over the coming months.

  8. Scott

    ‘Looking for Prey’ looks brilliant Arf, great job!

    • Arthur

      Thanks Scott for your comment and your IT help. Looking for prey was a change from Brusho paintings i have been doing recently.

  9. Owen

    Love your work Grandad. x.

    • Arthur

      Thank you Owen keep up the good work at school and enjoy art.
      Grandad. x.

  10. Leon

    Love your art work Grandad.

    • Arthur

      Thank you Leon, like Owen keep up the good work at school and enjoy your artwork.
      Grandad. x.

  11. Sandra

    Hi Arthur, my husband and I purchased x3 of your pictures at Art on the Hill (Kingfisher, Gold Finch & Robin). We have just got round to hanging them this afternoon and we love them.
    Sets off our kitchen perfectly!
    Thank you,

    • Arthur

      Dear Mr & Mrs Brooks
      I would like to thank you both so much for visiting my website and posting your comment much appreciated. It’s so nice to have feed back about my artwork and i do get a buzz that my work is going to be looked at for years to come not only by yourselves but friends and family, even nicer that my three pieces of artwork enhance your newly decorated kitchen.
      Once again thank you.
      Kind Regards
      Arthur Moore

  12. Arthur

    Dear all
    I would like to praise all involved with the Brill Art on The Hill 2018 event for an absolutely amazing, well organised weekend. What a pleasure it was for my partner and I to spend a lovely few hours wandering around and being able to appreciate so many talented peoples work and to end it all with beautiful cake and coffee in such a relaxing atmosphere.
    It was my first time displaying some of my art work and I am extremely pleased having sold 8 of my pictures, certainly wasn’t expecting this and it was so lovely to actually meet some of the people that purchased them and receive some lovely feedback.Once again please pass on my thanks to everyone that made this happen and already looking forward to next year’s event.
    Kind regards

  13. Angela

    Just bought the blue tit brusho art on the hill. Love it.

    • Arthur

      Hi Angela
      Many thanks for leaving feedback on my website, very much appreciated and pleased you chose one of by paintings. This was my first time displaying some of my work at Art on the Hill Brill and spent a lovely few hours there yesterday admiring all the art and crafts, it was a very pleasant experience.
      Kind regards

  14. Jack Peterson

    Some great artwork Arthur. Like the various styles and materials you are using.
    The brusho paintings are very modern.

    • Arthur

      Thank you so much Jack for taking the time to view and comment on my artwork, much appreciated.

  15. Loes

    Love the painting you did of Tennessee! You have really managed to capture his characture in this painting.

    • Arthur

      Thank you Loes we got there in the end on how dark/ black he was.Hope the new owner loved their surprise.

  16. Fie

    Thank you for my lovely picture of Whisky (dog), it is perfect. It was a lovely Christmas present from my partner Vince and I still don’t know how you all hid it from me at work.

    Thank you.


    • Arthur

      Thank you Fie so glad it was a lovely Christmas present for you. it was a well kept secret by all involved.

  17. Will

    I like how ‘Watching you watching me’ gets more saturated as it gets closer to the tiger’s face. Makes it stand out very well! Merry Christmas Arthur 🙂

    • Arthur

      Thank you William for taking the time to look at my artwork and comment. The Tiger was my very first attempt at pastel pencils and loved them from the first time I used them. Merry Christmas to you too William and all the best for 2018.

  18. Jane

    Arthur thank you for the great painting of Lacock you have done for my brother and sister-in-law, my idea for the gift was they were married in the village.

    • Arthur

      Thank you Jane.
      I hope they enjoy the painting of Lacock and every time they look at it and it brings back fond memories.

  19. Scott

    ‘Winter village’ looks great Arf, fantastic job.

    • Arthur

      Thank you Scott been spending a lot of time researching this scene.

  20. Mia

    Absolutely love Harry the Hare, beautiful combination of serene colours surrounding him.

    He will look a lovely focal poiny on anyone’s wall 🙂

  21. Will

    Excellent uses of a variety of colours in your painting of the chiltern farmland. Really creates a sense of serenity!


    • Arthur

      Thank you William for your kind comment about my artwork, also you found your favourite one out of my many paintings. Was nice seeing you all yesterday and viewing your new home.

  22. Michael & Lynn Borich USA

    Fantabulous creative colour artistry. . .this is lovely Art, Arthur. . .and you do it the traditional way. . .not the easy way (like us) where the camera does the work. . . 🙂 😉

    • Arthur

      Reference painting ” Last Dandelion” It was a pleasure painting from your beautiful photo. The camera may do the work , but an artistic eye creates the image. Once again thank you so much for allowing me to use your photo.

  23. Scott and Zoe

    Love the new ‘Kingfisher’ brusho style painting Arf.

    • Arthur

      Thank you Zoe and Scott i’m loving the Brusho style painting lets you free to explore, even mistakes can turn out great.

  24. Carol Hulme

    The “Kite” is my favourite with its detail and vibrant colours!
    The Brill Windmill is rather nice too!

    • Arthur

      Thank you Carol for looking and commenting on my work. I have a lot of favourites and one being “Brothers” the painting of Riley and Alex.
      Looking to add a few more of the “Brusho” style of paintings this year.
      All the best Carol.

  25. Michael & Lynn Borich

    Thank you for the link, Arthur. . . a very lovely website. We particularly like your vibrant watercolours, but your pastels are also excellent.

    All best for your continued artistry.

    Michael (&Lynn) Borich. Springfield, Missouri, USA

    • Arthur

      Thank you so much Michael and Lynn for allowing me to use your comment on Flickr about my web site and my artwork.
      Kind regards

  26. Michelle

    Beautiful picture of Hope and Issac, well done

    • Arthur

      Thank you Michelle was a great challenge painting the pictures of Hope and Issac

  27. Mum

    Lovely paintings of Holly and Issac Arthur. All beautiful artwork and you are improving fast. Mum xxx

    • Arthur

      Thank you Mum for your comment. Was a lovely few days with you and visiting your photography Kirkby project.

  28. loes

    Great paining of my horse. Captured his kind expression brilliantly and very good resemblance of the colours in his furry winter coat!

    • Arthur

      Was a joy and a challenge when Jane asked me to paint the three horses. Much appreciated for leaving feed back on my web site, thank you and I hope you enjoy the painting for many years to come.

  29. Jane Pollard

    Arthur, great paintings yet again for my friends this time who’ve all been hospitalised this year, sorry to give you the dilemma again of what shade of ‘ brown’ the horses actually are, fantastic work


    • Arthur

      Thank you Jane for your comment. Was a challenge getting the colours correct, but we got there in the end.
      Hope your friends love their surprise.

  30. Tracey


    Just a quick email to say thank you soooo much for the paintings of Dave and Marshal, Max and Ricky I love them and I’m sure when they open them at Crimbo they will be so pleased you are such a talent.

    Thanks again I love them.

    Trace xx

    • Arthur

      Thank you Tracey
      for placing a comment on my website.
      They were all a great challenge and I am sooooo pleased that you loved them all.
      Hope their Christmas is even more special this year when they see their paintings.

  31. May (Mum) Moore

    Arthur you have inherited your artististic talent from the Carson side of the family. Keep up the good work and improving yourself.
    Love Mum. Xxx

    • Arthur

      Thank you Mum for your kind words and was a lovely few days with you and Leon in Liverpool. X

  32. Jim Knight

    Hi Arthur. Was really pleased with the painting of St David’s Cathedral. It is a place that holds some lovely memories. Harry and Lorraine gave it to me for my birthday. Keep up the good work.

    • Arthur

      Hi Jim
      Nice of you to leave feed back and I am so pleased that you loved your birthday surprise.
      Once again a big thank you.



  33. Lisa .xx

    Arthur I couldn’t be more pleased with the picture you have done for me ,you have created exactly what I wanted and I can’t stop admiring it ???

    • Arthur

      Thank you Lisa for your lovely comment, was a pleasure painting your picture of the Hares.

  34. Viv

    Hi Arthur,

    Just wanted to let you know that I am absolutely delighted with my watercolour.

    Jim, Maureen, Harry and Lorraine are special friends, the painting was a complete surprise and a very special and much appreciated present.

    Kind Regards,


    • Arthur

      Thank you Viv for contacting me about your lovely surprise (Llanelli looking across to the Gower). Was a pleasure to create this painting for you with the help from Lorraine, Harry, Jim and Maureen for supplying me with photos.


  35. Scott Bagley

    Your new paintings are looking great Arf, keep up the good work!

  36. Wilfred Judge

    Fantastic variation and l really like the difference in colour and light captured really gifted Arthur and l look forward to more Mr Moore.

    • Arthur

      Thank you Wilf for your kind comment. I aim to continue developing my style and trying out new ones.

  37. Stephen Wainwright

    Great painting of Barney Arthur. You have produced some great watercolours and pastel work.

    • Arthur

      Thank you Stephen for looking at my work and commenting about them.
      Yes Barney turned out very well and the new owners love it and now hanging above their fireplace.



  38. Tammie

    Thank you so so much for the painting of Chris and I, I really love it and have already put it on the wall.
    Thank you once again it is beautiful.

    • Arthur

      Thank you Tammie for your lovely comment. It was a great challenge and an honour to paint this memorable painting for you of yourself and Chris.

  39. Shaun Robinson

    Great painting of our dog Barney a surprise birthday present………………………my wife was over the moon
    Thanks once again Arthur

    • Arthur

      Thank you Shaun for your lovely comment. Spoke to Jo a few days after her birthday and she was so loving her birthday surprise.
      Was a pleasure painting Barney.



  40. Paul Kerney

    Your colours and detail are brilliant. You have some great pastel pictures.

  41. Tracey Walker

    Arthur, thank you so much for the painting of Jake on his bike. I cried when I opened it as not only was it a beautiful painting but you had captured Jake within the painting. This is now my third painting from you and I am sure I will be back to order more. a real talent. Thank You! Trace XX

    • Arthur

      Thank you Tracey, was a great challenge to do and |I thoroughly enjoyed painting Jake on his motorbike.
      Your the second person that has shed tears when I have created a painting for them, that alone says a lot.
      Looking forward to anymore paintings you would like me to do, EFC maybe for you?


  42. Trev

    Quite impressed, maybe the use of a little bit Red would be good. . .
    Like the Brothers.

    • Arthur

      Thank you Trev for looking at my work and commenting but it has to be blue.



  43. Karen

    Hi, just a quick message to say “what a fabulous selection of art work you have done”. I really like how you use colours and perspectives. I have too many favourites to list. Keep up the fantastic work.

    • Arthur

      Thank you Karen for your kind comments. So nice to see your delicate paperwork at the Upper Heyford craft fair.



    Jake Walker……..when I gave this to Tracey her face was an absolute picture, that said it all. Thank you so much Arthur for doing this commission for me i’m sure it will take pride and place in Scouse land. xxx

    • Arthur

      Tracey’s phone call and the tears said it all for me. I’m sure Jake and Paddy will love it. It was a great challenge for me to do. Thank you Pauline for the task. XXX

  45. Jo

    Dear Arthur, Thank you so much for beautiful picture of our dog, we love it, thank you so very much and the frame is perfect. It’s so lovely to have an original drawing by you. We really appreciate the care that you have taken over the picture and getting the colours right. We will treasure it always. Jo

    • Arthur

      Thank you Joanne and Ben for commenting on the work I created for you. It was a pleasure and I really enjoyed drawing Delphie.
      Arthur .

  46. Mum

    Great work Arthur, studying your A level art has paid off in the end.

    • Arthur

      Thank you Mum been a long time since leaving school, but yes paying off great now and loving the moment.

  47. Arthur

    Thank you Kirsty for your comment. Will not be long before the next new painting.

    Dad x

  48. Kirsty

    Love the new website dad doing a great job on all your painting getting better and better each time cant wait to see what you do next

  49. Rachel Parker

    The brilliance of this drawing (Domino the Cat ) shone through to reflect the true character of Domino AK Dommie do do’s . This a trully wonderful present for my Mum’s 80th birthday .
    Rachel Parker
    Ardley Bicester

  50. Margie

    Fabulous paintings Arthur, I have been trying for ages to vote. But I have not been able to do it. I love them all it’s so hard to choose only one. But the two little boys caught my eye the most. Can’t stop looking at that one.
    Margie. ( your mums friend) (Saturday, 12th March 2016)

    • Arthur Moore

      Thank you Margie for looking at my artwork. I must admit it is also one of my favourites being of my two youngest Grandsons Riley and Alex. Once again a big thank you.

  51. Emma Moore

    Love the picture of my son Leo, detail is fantastic and really captures his personality! Thank you Arthur xx (Friday, 26th February 2016)

    • Arthur Moore

      I hope you enjoy looking at Leo’s portrait for many years to come, and he enjoys the picture when he is older.

  52. Phill Hunt

    The horse painting you done for me is fantastic the colours the movement of the horse is superb thanks a lot Arthur. (Wednesday,30th December 2015)

    • Arthur Moore

      It was a pleasure Phill, I hope your Mum loves the painting when she gets her surprise.

  53. Joe Orgar

    Great set of paintings and pastel drawings Arthur. You have created some brilliant works of art. (Wednesday, 23rd December 2015)

    • Arthur Moore

      Thank you Joe for looking and commenting on my artwork.

  54. Eira Moore

    Absolutely love the picture of your Tiger Arthur, beautiful. (Saturday, 19th December 2015)

  55. David Owen

    Arthur have been looking at your work you are very talented. I do like the reflection artwork hence the eastern sunset, sunset on the lake , and on reflection all caught my eye. Keep up the good work. (Sunday, 1st November 2015)

    • Arthur Moore

      Thank you Dave for looking at my work and taking the time to comment. It was nice to see you at work last week at the safety meeting. We shall have to meet for a chat and a drink some time.

  56. Phill Hunt

    Excellent paintings especially the animal ones superb work. (Tuesday, 13th October 2015)

    • Arthur Moore

      Thank you Phill for your comment. Hope the Tiger drawing is still being enjoyed by yourself and your wife. Look forward to any other work you need me to do.

  57. John Richards

    You have created a lot of brilliant artwork Arthur. Love the colours and the detail in your paintings. (Friday, 25th September 2015)

    • Arthur Moore

      Thank you John for commenting on my artwork.

  58. Steve

    Arthur, fantastic picture of your Grandson, you have captured the likeness brilliantly.
    Well done. (Sunday, 30th August 2015)

    • Arthur Moore

      Thank you Steve for your comment and viewing my artwork

  59. Betty Cook

    Arthur what a lovely picture you’ve created of an early morning street in Maderia.
    I feel as though I could just sit down at one of them tables and enjoy a nice Cappuccino and watch the world go by. x (Wednesday, 29th July 2015)

    • Arthur Moore

      Thank you Betty for looking and commenting about my artwork. x

  60. Paul Elkington

    You have created some great work Arthur. You have a good skill. (Saturday, 27th June 2015)

    • Arthur Moore

      Thank you Paul. I enjoy painting and spend many hours learning not just watercolour but Pastel pencils.

  61. Eira Moore

    Loving the beach scene pictures, may have to get off on our travels again soon and get some more snaps. Hoping to see some nice Australia ones x (Monday, 25th May 2015)

    • Arthur Moore

      We will have to travel somewhere else and build the photo collection up. Australia paintings will follow soon.,

  62. Kirsty Vinson

    Keep up the amazing work Dad (Monday, 16th March 2015)

  63. Pauline Bagley

    Lovely picture of Rocky Arthur, you’ve captured him spot on. Great to meet Rocky x (Friday, 6th March 2015)

    • Arthur Moore

      Thank you Pauline. Rocky was a great subject not only to paint , but to meet.

  64. Anita

    Well I am the proud owner of Arthur’s latest artwork of our faithful friend “Rocky”. I collected his portrait yesterday and as soon as I saw him he brought tears to my eyes. It is just a fantastic piece of artwork and the likeness is “so real”.
    Arthur thank you so much from myself and Steve. We now have Rocky and “The Hare Chase” that Steve kindly bought for me as a surprise. We will be looking out for more of your work – we are hooked!! (Sunday, 1st March 2015)

    • Arthur Moore

      Thank you Anita and Steve for such lovely comments and the bottle of wine. Your tears when you seen the painting Anita said it all,that was such a great moment for me.
      Once again thank you and happy that you are hooked.

  65. Mum

    Lovely painting of Sam, Arthur. Thank you so much . Mum and Dad xxx (Wednesday, 25th February 2015)

    • Arthur Moore

      Thank you Mum / Dad loved creating the picture for you both. xxxx

  66. Anita

    I now have your pastel of The Hare Chase and he is now in a prominent place in his new home.
    He is such an enchanting fella and there is so much detail and character that you have put in to him.
    Thank you so much for your lovely art work.
    Anita (Sunday, 8th February 2015)

    • Arthur Moore

      Thank you Anita for your lovely comment. So happy that you are pleased with the picture “Hare chase” I hope you have many years looking at this picture.

  67. Lee Goodacre

    Fantastic work mate keep it up!I shall spread the word about your website! (Thursday, 8th January 2015)

    • Arthur Moore

      Thank you Lee for looking at my web site and your comment. That’s good of you for spreading the word of my site, again a big thank you.

  68. Anita

    Hello Arthur
    I have looked at your website from your comments on streetlife. I am very impressed with your workk. Could you let me know how much you would charge to do a portrait of our dog. We have a very loveable Springer Spaniel who we rescued from Dogs trust 5 months ago so we would love a portrait of him. We live in Bicester.
    Anita (Friday, 2nd January 2015)

    • Arthur Moore

      Hi Anita, thank you for your lovely comment and for looking at my work. I have contacted you by e-mail and await your reply.
      Regards Arthur.

  69. Julie

    Thank you Arthur for my beautiful painting of Thornborough. That was so kind and thoughtful of you. You are so talented. I am so lucky to own two paintings by you. Thank you x (Saturday, 27th December 2014)

    • Arthur Moore

      Thank you Julie for your lovely comments. Hope you both enjoy looking at my work and leaving feedback on them. in the process of painting a portrait of Field Marshall
      Montgomery. will let you and Wilf know when it is on my web page.
      Kind regards
      Arthur xxx

  70. Pauline Bagley

    Lovely Christmas card of the cheeky mouse x (Thursday, 4th December 2014)

    • Arthur Moore

      Thank you lovely. It was so enjoyable painting the mouse who you have not named yet?

  71. Eira Moore

    Loving your latest additions to your website, especially Jane and Hoolie as I know what a challenge this picture was to you but you succeeded in the end. What a brilliant picture. Well done you. x (Saturday, 15th November 2014)

    • Arthur Moore

      It was as you know , the time we spent taking photographs of “Hoolie” it paid off in the end.

  72. Jane

    Thank you for the great painting you did of Hoolie and myself, I know how much time and effort you put into it, Hoolie looks so cheeky as you know from your visit to get his brown colouring rjust right, he would add an excellent comment no doubt if he could type!! You WILL be busy with more horse or other animal paintings after mine.
    Jane (Sunday, 9th November 2014)

    • Arthur Moore

      Thanks Jane for your comments, and your right it certainly was a challenge. Look forward to being busy.

  73. Scott Bagley

    Your artwork is looking great Arthur, keep up the good work! 🙂 (Thursday, 23rd October 2014)

    • Arthur Moore

      Cheers Scott. Thank you for your help creating the site.

  74. Richard Brown

    Amazing artwork bluenose, red rich at D5 is more than impresse; av got a challenge for you will av a chat next time we meet!! is really really good Arthur, fair play Sir!!!!!! (Thursday, 2nd October 2014)

    • Arthur Moore

      Thank you red nose . thats fine let me know when you want me to do the painting for you. Toffee’s .

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